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... to Autumn Pumpkin Kennelz & Patchwork Catteryz!
This website is dedicated to the P.F.Magic/Ubisoft Petz series! Here is my small piece of such a large community that has been thriving since 1997
(I've only been around since 2007).

If you have somehow found yourself here without knowing what Petz is, check out this wiki page! :)
Otherwise, please feel free to look around!

Updates on my petz will appear >> here << for now until I can organize things!


8.25.20 - All kittenz have been adopted! Downloads page has been updated with our first toy.

7.31.20 - 1 kitten is still available for adoption on our "Adopt" page!

7.23.20 - Updated links.

7.22.20 - First hexed file is finally up & available for trading :)

7.18.20 - 3 kittens available for adoption on our "Adopt" page!

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Petzy Cliques



*thank you Amanda @ Cargo for the art of Tuxedo <3 *